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Why Choose FTB Communications?

FTB Communications provides excellent quality and super-fast language services at the most competitive rates in the industry. We have vast experience translating a wide range of content types.

Why Us?

Excellent Quality


Our intuitive platform allows companies of any size to order cost-efficient translations from our professional translators. Our translation platform has features with embedded validation checks to ensure a consistent quality scale.

Fast Turnaround


Our transparent and organized work process allows our users to drive business in new markets at competitive rates and impressive speeds.



With our big strength of translators working across all major time zones, we can comfortably keep pace with your content needs, no matter the volume.

Our Services

Legal Translations

Business & Finance Translations

Technology & Software Translations

Marketing & Advertising Translations

Audio Visual Translations/ E-learning


Who Uses FTB Communications?

“Outsourcing my IT needs to FTB Communications Pvt. Ltd. has proved to be extremely valuable. Their execution, coupled with extraordinary customer service and attention to detail, has turned FTB Communications into a trusted partner and a pillar of our business. We were able to realize a 30% reduction in IT infrastructure, primarily driven by 45% gains in IT staff productivity.” 

– IT Manager, Major Payment Gateway Provider in Japan

Infrastructure Support Operations Centre

Our Infrastructure Support Operations Centre (ISOC) not only monitors your IT Infrastructure 24X7, but also provides L1 and L2 Troubleshooting Support and Vendor Interfacing. This enables visibility across your development and operations team and provides high velocity in app management and release cycles.

Our Infrastructure Support Operations Provides:

Best in class ITIL processes to maximize operational efficiency

Integrated tools to manage network, server and security monitoring

Reduced management overhead

Commitment to exceed contractual obligations laid out by customized Service Level Agreement