Case Study

Company Profile

As a leading payment service provider in Japan, our customer had a huge data centre infrastructure set-up.But their current working model lacked effective monitoring and maintenance.

A reactive troubleshooting process would be initiated only once the server was down. This not only cost them loss of business but it also resulted in taxing restarts.

Major Payment Service

  • Based in Tokyo, Japan
  • Established in late 90’s
  • Capital: USD 1.5B +

Issues And Challenges

  • Increasing Total Cost of Operations and plan IT budget strategically

  • Resources locked up in monitoring and support operations

  • Lack of efficiency due to no service level management

  • Poor performing vendor to share IT operations

  • Lack of robust compliance processes


  • Major cost reduction by 30% and easy forecasting of IT budget

  • Increased productivity and optimization through better staff utilization by 45%

  • Resources freed and started focusing on core business and important projects

  • Enforced compliance and adherence through well defined service level management

  • Trusted partnership with FTB Communications Pvt. Ltd. for sharing responsibility, risks and rewards.