Language Services


1. Corporate Translations – Automobile, IT telecommunications, Legal and patents, Mechanical, Finance, IT Sotware, Marketing, Business, Economics, Marketing

2. Website Translation

3. Certified Translations – Utility bills, Land Purchase documents, Court documents, Bank documents,  Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificates, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Advertising Materials

4. Audio Visual Translations


Our skilled interpreters demonstrate excellent command over their source and target languages and make sure your conversational exchange goes smoothly. We take pride in having completed over 1000 interpretation projects up to date.

Whether you need interpretation for conference calls, seminars or corporate meetings, we assure to provide with services suitable to your needs.

Corporate Language Training

We understand that language learning goes beyond the nuances of the script and grammar. Here, at FTB Communications, we regularly invite highly qualified professionals to conduct corporate language training sessions that combine culture, manners and in-depth corporate knowledge of the target country in a holistic approach.


Learn from the learned.

We, at FTB Communications not only aspire to provide our clients with services of the highest quality but also believe in helping our fellow translators and language learners in building and developing their skills.

We organize regular events, such as language workshops and webinars, for which we invite speakers that are highly knowledgeable in their respective disciplines.

Latest Webinar conducted –
For our latest webinar aimed towards young translators, we invited the revered Dr. Hari Damle, who is an expert in the Japanese language and has years of experience in the translation field behind him. Topics covered were basic translation process, tips on strengthening translation skills, common mistakes to avoid when translating for new domains and more.

For more details on our upcoming events, contact us at


In today’s rapidly growing market, to be at par with the technical updates and to put your step forward learning is a necessity. With globalization of businesses, it is wise to consult technology for knowledge enhancement. E learning platforms give you extensive opportunities to comprehend innumerable subjects from various mentors. And also helps you to reach out to your target audience if you have something to share.

We, as an E learning service provider company, help you transform your knowledge in to appealing content for desired learners. Whether you are a student, employee, a domain expert or a corporate firm, we have something for you. We are creating various E learning courses with different audio-visual treatments for learners who crave to learn.

We provide services for:

• Voice over
• Visual design
• Video edit
• Audio edit
• Content design
• Explainer/Demo videos

RIAN Certification

RIAN Certification –

Attention Language Service providers!
Stand out from the crowd and become Rian certified!!!
• Gain a Competitive Advantage
• Execute Projects with Increased Efficiency
• Increase Your Earning Potential
• Update Your Knowledge and Skills
• Build Professional Credibility

What is the Rian certification program?
The Rian Certification Program is a comprehensive professional education program, designed to educate the translation community on the latest technological developments.
It also sheds light upon the best practices in translation technology, translation memory management, machine translation and quality assurance checks.

More freelance translators than ever are able gain a competitive edge by using the latest in translation technology and are increasingly using Rian Certification as a key differentiation point to increase their competitiveness.

• Translation Automation and Rian Platform
• Rian Account creation
• Translation process and workflow
• Document Translation and Effective Editor Usage
• Machine translation
• Translation Memory Management
• Understanding of the project management functionality
• Certificate awarding